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Thread: olive oil quality training

  1. damian.conlan@... Guest

    olive oil quality training

    Olive oil quality Assessment courses; Aiming for excellence in Australian olive

    Presented by NSW Department of Primary Industries
    Funded by NSW Department of Education and Training
    Supported by the NSW Olive Council

    2 days of access to experts in olive oil quality

    Three locations

    Canberra 19-20 February 2005 Contact Caroline O'Clery (02) 62302553
    Albury 5-6 March 2005 Contact Kristy Lorden (VIC DPI) (02)
    60437962 or Damian Conlan (NSW DPI) (02) 69512512
    Cowra 9-10 April 2005 Contact Ros Kemp (02) 63653337

    __________________________________________________ ___________________________
    The extra virgin olive oil market in Australia will become highly
    competitive as more production comes on stream and producers will need to
    achieve high sensory and chemical quality standards to gain and keep
    market share.

    To this end many grower groups are looking at the idea of setting chemical
    and sensory standards that are more stringent than the current
    international standards for extra virgin olive oil. This is a good
    starting point for quality improvement and brand development.

    High quality olive oil comes from high quality fruit that is harvested and
    processed efficiently and a logical extension of defined oil quality
    standards is the definition of high standards in production, harvesting
    and processing.

    This course is focused on the sensory and chemical assessment of olive oil
    combined with presentations and discussion on the effect of key production
    issues on olive oil quality and yield. It provides an introduction to
    fruit and oil quality monitoring and quality management in olive

    Participants will experience varietal styles and regional influences on
    oil quality in addition to style assessment and defect identification.

    In addition there are discussion forums on developing an oil quality
    network in NSW and industry research and development priorities in your
    __________________________________________________ ___________________________

    The course will be presented by leading Australian experts in sensory and
    chemical quality assessment of olive oil: Richard Gawel and Dr Rod Mailer
    along with Damian Conlan and Clarrie Beckingham who will lead production
    focussed aspects of the training
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  2. Belwood Grove Guest

    Re: olive oil quality training

    All Oz members (especially those in NSW) Get along to one of these! You
    will undoubtedly learn something from the VERY well qualified speakers!
    If you don't, you should be presenting yourself!

    Having been to one recently, the cost is miniscule compared to the
    benefits. Get there!
    John Attwood
    Tamworth NSW Au
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    Nov 2008
    I have recently joined the feild of exporting olive oil. Can we get access to summaries, handbooks, or videos of those training courses


  4. HACCP plan

    Hello everyone
    and thanks for sharing your information with us one thing i would like to share with you that before going for any food item you should check the quality of food material and for this you should be knowing very thing regarding the quality of food material for this you should have a fine quality training because you should know every thing before testing any thing.

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