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Thread: Chinese preserved olives

  1. Margaret Chidgey Guest

    Chinese preserved olives

    Hello everyone!
    I'm wondering if anyone can help me with information about the various types
    of Chinese pickled/preserved/sugar coated olives? I am writing an article
    for the next issue of 'The Olive Press', and am finding it difficult to get
    any information (I suspect most of it is probably in Chinese).
    Any information would be most welcome.
    Thanks and best wishes,
    Margaret Chidgey
    Editor, The Olive Press
    24 Carcoola Crescent
    Normanhurst, NSW 2076 Australia
    phone: 02 9489 3663
    fax: 02 9475 0759
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  2. Eagle Bay Olives Guest

    Re: Chinese preserved olives

    Hello Margaret,
    Are you sure these fruits are olives? I grew up eating all the various
    Chinese preserved fruits and was always under the impression that they were
    different types of plum. While the fruit was about the size of a large
    olive, and usually black or green, the seeds were certainly not like olive
    seeds * larger and with sharp points on both ends.

    Julie Lloyd
    Eagle Bay Olives
    19 Ardross St
    Tel: 08 9316 2893
    Fax: 08 9316 1545
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  3. Margaret Chidgey Guest

    RE: Chinese preserved olives

    Hi Julie,
    You're right, they're not olives, they're actually a variety of canarium. I
    have been doing some more research and will share it when I finish. I've
    just tasted about five different kinds and they are very spicy!
    Best wishes,
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  4. jdsmyth Guest

    RE: Chinese preserved olives

    Hi Margaret,

    I have seen olives that I was told were Chinese but do not know the source.

    As I recall they probably originated as green olives (whole) but were a
    green-brown colour and were impregnated with sugar.

    The texture of the flesh was quite tough.

    I found the olive flavour with sugar plus some salt unattractive.

    At the time I was asked if I could produce the equivalent product but I did
    not follow it up.


    Jim Smyth

    James D Smyth

    Olive Skills Pty Ltd

    PO Box 805

    LOXTON SA 5333

    Phone & Fax 08 8584 1497 Mobile 0417 846 100
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    You have dozens of varieties of olives to choose from, each with a different shape, size, and color. Unlike other fruits (olives are a pitted fruit that arises from tree blossoms), you must cure olives before eating them. Straight from the tree, they’re bitter and inedible.

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