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Thread: Organic: To be or not to be

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    Apr 2006

    Organic: To be or not to be

    Hi to the group,
    I had occasion to visit the Small Business Canada site to look at some
    statistics on word usage in search engines. It looks at the usage of a
    lookup item in the search Engine Overture which is owned by Yahoo
    If you copy the URL below and paste it into your web browser you
    should reach the same site.
    It seems that the tool in use there shows how many times a particular
    phrase is used by their search engine in a month.
    I typed in Olive oil and got the following interesting results.

    "Olive Oil" 21503
    "Olive Oil Soap" 2526
    "Extra Virgin Olive Oil" 2468

    > >
    > >>

    "Olive Oil Cleanser" 91
    "Olive Oil Container" 91
    Organic Olive Oil" 91 - lowest on the list of searches.

    This would seem to suggest that, at least in Canada (if not
    elsewhere), organic is very low on the priority list for Olive Oil.
    Just for interest I typed in Organic and got a big list. So Canadians
    are aware of Organic products. Just not Olive Oil.
    If nothing else, it suggests that one should research the demand for
    this product before embarking on a costly and labour intensive project
    to become organic.
    Yes I have heard that the Europeans are organic mad. However I have
    not seen the research results to confirm this and certainly not for
    Olive Oil. In fact the search for "Organic" gets a large number of hits. But not for "Organic Olive Oil"

    Any comments and or thoughts.
    Here is the URL

    Andrew Brown
    Adelaide Hills
    South Australia
    Andrew & Val Brown
    Adelaide Hills
    South Australia

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    Olive Mill in Jordan

    Very nice report and interesting finding.

    I agree with you that keyword searches will give an idea on the interest of the market for a certain product.

    Here is where you can do the keyword search:

    Best regards
    Sadoun Olive Oil
    My Pictures

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    Organic To be or not to be

    Now all became clear, many thanks for the information. You have very much helped me.

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