Hi I just visited your site and I am a little confused as the title of this forum says "Do you produce olive for sale? Let us know. Also, if you want to lease your land, list it here" And yet I notice that there was a complaint about someone advertising on the site!

I have really come here for some advice as my wife┤s cousin has asked me to promote their olive oil, as I am the ony English man in the family. I have a few contacts and have managed to build a website, with more to do as you can see Spanish Olive Oil I know how to ship but thats as far as I have got sofar.

My question is where should I start who should I contact, because I am a recruiter living in Spain with little knowledge of the market hoping to help my wife get away from working for her brother, they tend to expoit workers here more so the family!

Anyway any help would be appreciated?