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Thread: Sadoun 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil 17.4 L Unfiltered

  1. Sadoun 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil 17.4 L Unfiltered

    Our Sadoun Mill is offering 16kg Net (17.4 L) Extra Virgin Olive Oil freshly produced from locally grown Jordanian native olive trees. We are the source for this olive oil and it comes from our own mills. Not from a trader or a bottler. We produce this olive oil under our own supervision and within hours of hand-picked olive harvesting to protect the freshness of the olive oil, to produce a low acidity olive oil, and to avoid natural oxidation.

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    We only sell 1st press olive oil that we produce ourselves. We don't mix our olive oil with other vegetable oils, or second quality refined olive oil from pomace. We don't remove any of the nutritional (phenolic) content of the olive oil by filtering. We do not filter the oil; let it settle naturally and then we pack it. You are getting the raw olive oil that is squeezed out of the olive without any additional processing.

    This is as good as it gets in Olive Oil. Excellent Flavor and Character.

    This has been a family tradition business for several decades. When you compare our olive oil to other brands in the market, is like comparing freshly squeezed orange juice to one made from concentrate or powder.

    100% PREMIUM QUALITY EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVEOIL. You will taste the difference when you try our olive oil. Produced and packed during 2010/2011 olive harvest season at the Sadoun Mills in Northern Jordan. Produced using the latest Olive Mills (Alfa Laval decanters and separators.)

    ~ Health & flavorful Extra Virgin OliveOil.
    ~ Finest first quality
    ~ Chef's 1st choice
    ~ Un-adulterated
    ~ Un-refined
    ~ One of the best quality Extra Virgin OliveOil (EVOO) you will ever experience.
    ~ This EVOO is produced from hand picked native olive trees that are 10-200 years old.
    ~ These healthy trees are of high quality, well maintained and cared for.
    ~ Our family have been in the business of OliveOil for over 125 years.

    Packaging: Food grade Tin Can to protect the olive oil from light, and other smells. The can protects the freshness of the olive oil.

    Price: CALL 888-614-3866, or 281-239-8900

    Net Weight:
    16Kg (32.25 lbs)
    Net Volume: 17.4 Liters (4.59 Gallons)
    Note: Other packing and Bulk shipping available as well upon request.

    Keep in cool and dry away from direct sunlight.
    A Cholesterol and Sodium free food.

    We can also supply grocery stores, gourmet food shops, delis, restaurants, hotels, and and other food-service establishments in bulk quantity and with private labels.
    We also sell small samples of the Olive Oil, if you want to try before buying in bulk.
    Contact us at 1-888-519-9595 to inquire.

    __________________________________________________ _________________________

    • We ship within 1 business day.
    • We do ship to APO/FPO and Post Office box addresses (postage to your location may be higher).
    • We do ship to Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico. Shipping to these locations might by higher, please see shipping and payments section for shipping rates.
    • We do ship to Canada (please allow 10-30 business days for delivery - no tracking# for standard shipping)
    • We do ship to International Locations (please allow 15-30 business days for delivery - no tracking# for standard shipping)
    • Local pickup at our warehouse is also welcome.

    • We accept payments by Paypal and Credit Cards (Vista, Mastercard, Discover, American Express).
    • Payment needs to be received within 24 hours of purchase or the transaction may be cancelled.
    • We do charge sales tax in OH. State taxes will be calculated at checkout.

    • We offer a 30 day money back guarantee on this deal.
    • 20% restocking fee applies on returns
    • Buyer pays return shipping.
    • Sadoun Sales guarantees and stands behind all the products that we sell.
      If you have a problem with a purchase, just email us and you will see that we are committed to taking care of our customers. We make sure we take care of every customer personally. We would love to do business with you and if you give us a chance, we will show you our commitment to exceptional customer service.

    Customer support:
    Call if you have any questions
    Sadoun Mills Olive Oil
    1-(888) 519-9595

    USA Sales Office:
    4911 Avenue H
    Rosenberg, TX 77471

    زيت زيتون معاصر السعدون
    زيت زيتون بكر بلدي
    أنتاج شمال الأردن

    معصور من زيتون الكفارات شمال الأردن
    زيت زيتون بلدي نخب أول
    خبرة ١٢٥ عام في زراعة الزيتون وانتاج الزيت
    معبأ بتنك وزن صافي ١٦ كغم
    يتوفر الزيت في مدينتي
    هيوستن تكساس
    و كولومبوس أوهايو
    مع أمكانية الشحن لباقي المدن والولايات

    الكمية محدودة. يرجى الأتصال مع
    م. جمال سعدون لحجز الكمية المطلوبة
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    Sadoun Mills Olive Oil

    Houston, Texas

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  2. Sadoun Mills Olive Oil is produced in the Irbid province. Irbid, Arabella, is the ancient city of the Aramics, now the 2nd city of Jordan. Lies in midst of the country side that used to be a legendary scene of vast wheat fields in the Northern region of Jordan. The "Bride of the North" Jordanians call it well meaning that they consider it the "Pride" of their north as well.

    Irbid is famous for some of the best Olive Oil since ancient times. The famous Souri olive variety nourished by extremely fertile deep-brown soil, growing under beautiful horizons, dominated by an assuring presence of Jabal El-Shiekh, the all seasons snow tipped mountain of the Middle East. Warmed by the pleasant sun of a lovely Mediterranean moderate climate

    Sadoun has an ironclad reputation for excellence in producing high quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil for from private estates. The extra virgin olive oil is not blend with any other vegetable olive oil or with pomace oil. We don't use filtration or adulteration. A long family tradition in the olive oil business since 1885.

    The olives are usually milled within 24 hrs from time of harvesting.

    Souri (baladi) olive trees are most common in Jordan due to their durability and adaptation to different soil types. The Souri variety is fruity, peppery, with slight olive bitterness taste.

    Sadoun is interested in expanding our olive oil into the world markets.

    Areas of interest:
    ~ Wholesale distribution into independent and chain grocery stores
    ~ Restaurants
    ~ Direct to consumer
    ~ Bulk or in retail bottle
    ~ Private labeling (available)
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    Sadoun Mills Olive Oil

    Houston, Texas

    Follow us on FACEBOOK

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